15 Things To Try When You’re Single

Being single is the time to grow and have experiences. In between boyfriends I used to only focus on my next relationship. I’ve learned to move on from relationships that aren’t working. Always in my own time, but I can always let go eventually.  I’ve learned to take that time for myself and have grown more than ever. I’ve compiled a list varying from sweet to naughty, of things to try and take advantage of being a single lady. 1.…

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3 Tips for Being Approachable When Newly Single

When I was newly single the first problem I faced was meeting people in person. I was too nervous to approach a cute guy and didn’t understand why no one would come talk to me. I mean, I wanted…


My First Post!

Hi guys! I’m Lindsey, but my friends call me Linds. I wanted to create a space where I could express myself and talk about what’s relevant to me right now. I’m currently single and dating a lot. I’ve learned…