15 Things To Try When You’re Single

Being single is the time to grow and have experiences. In between boyfriends I used to only focus on my next relationship. I’ve learned to move on from relationships that aren’t working. Always in my own time, but I can always let go eventually.  I’ve learned to take that time for myself and have grown more than ever. I’ve compiled a list varying from sweet to naughty, of things to try and take advantage of being a single lady.

1. Go to the movies alone

If you haven’t tried this before, you really should. I really love watching movies and find it to be a great way to connect with myself.

2. Get a blowout

This is a simple way to do something for yourself. I have really curly hair so this is my favorite form of pampering. Nothing makes me feel better about myself than freshly blown out hair! Nowadays blowouts are offered at every salon and easy to book.

3. Make eye-contact with a cute guy and don’t look away

This is a great exercise if you’re newly single. A challenge like this is a baby step toward flirting with someone new. It might not feel natural right away but this is why you start with eye contact. Catching someone’s attention in the process will feel like icing on the cake!

4. Start a conversation with a stranger (online or in person)

If step 3 was easy for you then you can move right into this one. If the thought of this makes you nervous, start online. Dating sites have created a really comfortable world of flirting. This process usually starts with a “swipe”. You’ve got this!

5. Make-out with a stranger

Whether its a rebound or you need your sexy switch turned on, have fun!

6. Hook up with a stranger

Just make-out or go all the way… everyone has different needs/limits. Sometimes in a relationship you put someone else’s needs ahead of your own. Really think about what will make you happy and feel good. And of course be safe!

7. Take a dance class

I’m not a professional dancer at all, BUT, I learned that I really enjoy a dance class. It doesn’t come naturally to me and I don’t alway remember all the choreo. But who cares?? The challenge of it is what keeps me excited and when I finally get a move that was impossible the first time I feel amazing!

8. Go for a hike

 Fresh air and clarity. Whether you’re walking down your street or hitting the trails, this is a great way to unwind.

9. Buy a new outfit

You don’t really need an excuse for this but this is a great step as you’re starting over. Think about just pleasing yourself. Are there any new trends you would like to try? What do you see yourself wearing on a date? Select something that makes you feel good. Enhance your wardrobe or completely change it.

10. GNO

Girls night out is always a good idea! My favorite nights out are exploring a new restaurant, lounge, or bar. Wear an outfit you love and feel amazing in. If you’re newly single, hit up your single friends. They will definitely know the best places to go and help you send off “I’m available” vibes. Believe it or not, those vibes don’t always come across right away. I really had to work on this one myself.

11. Write in a journal. Reflect.

I highly recommend writing down your thoughts, experiences, and even doodles. Whatever comes out of you and onto paper is such a positive thing. This one was hard for me at first. Mostly, setting aside time for this was really a challenge for me. But when I did so much became clear. Actually, journaling is part of how this blog came about for me.

12. Cry

People cry when they’re happy and when they’re sad. Either way its a release and perfectly natural. If you cry easily you might not need to focus on this but if you hold in emotions, you could probably use a good cry.

13. Think of something you love or were interested in that you couldn’t do with your ex

I’m the kind of person that usually does what I want. If my ex didn’t like it, he didn’t have to join me. But here’s an example… I love food and exploring new restaurants but he ate like a child and would only eat quesadillas, pizza, cheeseburgers (only from Fatburger) and Subway sandwiches. These are delicious options but not everyday. Except the pizza, I could eat pizza everyday! This really limited our meals together. Since that breakup I’ve enjoyed exploring. Los Angeles has amazing restaurants and I find it so sexy now if a guy wants to take me somewhere new.

So what is your thing? Were you with someone who wouldn’t take you dancing, didn’t like Disneyland, concerts, traveling. Maybe he didn’t want you to wear short skirts, high heels, UGG boots! Whatever it is and if you really miss it this is your chance to take it back!

14. Redecorate/organize

This is another therapeutic option. Nothing says “new beginning” like a good closet renovation! Clear out and donate items you know you won’t wear anymore. Reorganize a closet, buy some new picture frames or artwork. Even just hiring a maid service to do a thorough cleaning of your home will do wonders for you!

15. Enjoy your freedom. Focus on yourself (this may take time to learn)

Trying a few of these tips will definitely help. You got this!!!

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