3 Tips for Being Approachable When Newly Single

When I was newly single the first problem I faced was meeting people in person. I was too nervous to approach a cute guy and didn’t understand why no one would come talk to me. I mean, I wanted them to, but nothing! I was single, available and dressed to impress. What was wrong? Here are a few tips I learned through trial and error.

1. Going out to restaurants is my favorite way to catch up with my girlfriends. Think about it… who actually walks up to a dinner table to strike up a conversation? Not likely. It came to me one night at a restaurant/lounge. I was eating with a girlfriend watching so many guys walking to the lounge area. After dinner we headed to the bar and it was one guy after another coming up to talk to us. Yes! Lesson learned: always hang out at the bar. You look more available than when you’re eating a meal.

2. If you’re approached and its not by who you really wanted to talk to, always be friendly. I can’t stress this enough. The guy you want to talk to is building the courage to talk to you. If he sees you shut someone down or turn your nose up at someone he might get discouraged. If you’re smiling and friendly, even while declining to give your number, you’re still approachable for all the guys in the room waiting to talk to you.

3. This tip was given to me by my best friend who happens to be a guy and I will always remember him telling me this. I also have to keep reminding myself of this advice. He said when I see a guy I’m interested in “just smile and say hello”. Such simple advice but so brilliant. What guy wouldn’t want a pretty girl acknowledging them? They will respond to a friendly greeting and if they are married, dating or just not interested they might not give you anything to build on. If they actually are interested they will take it from there.

What works for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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