My First Post!

Hi guys! I’m Lindsey, but my friends call me Linds. I wanted to create a space where I could express myself and talk about what’s relevant to me right now. I’m currently single and dating a lot. I’ve learned so much and want to share it all with you as my experiences relate to fashion, beauty, food and occasional travel.

Being single and dating can be really hard and exhausting. Swiping right, swiping left, deciphering a person’s character and attractiveness from a profile can get frustrating. I find myself swiping and chatting heavy and then needing a couple weeks in reality. I have talked to many of my single friends about their great connections and horror stories. A lot of them will delete their apps when frustrated. Is this something most people do? Even if I don’t check an app for weeks, I have never deleted it. I feel like I can always come back to it.

I would tell anyone who is single not to delete their apps and this is why… Dating apps are always an option. They are easy, convenient and instant. I’m hoping that through this blog I can highlight the positive parts about the dating process and motivate people to hang in there.

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